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Helping Others Realize their Vision for over 20 years
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Coastal Systems International, Inc. (Coastal Systems) has an established reputation for providing solutions to complex projects in the coastal/waterfront environment. For over 20 years, we have helped clients realize their vision by engineering cost-effective solutions in the design of marinas, beaches, offshore/nearshore coastal structures and private island destinations.

Some of Our Projects

Our Expertise


Our experience includes the development of a regional sediment budget encompassing thirty-five miles of shoreline, two Florida counties, four inlets, one taxing district, and ten local municipalities. We have also guided domestic and international clients in the design, permitting, targeted beach…


Waterfront development provides exciting opportunities for marinas, piers, and public areas. Coastal Systems International, Inc. provides innovative approaches to address environmental constraints as well as the corrosive and dynamic effects on marine structures. Projects have ranged from the design…


Coastal Systems International, Inc. has an Environmental/Permitting Department that successfully processes between 40-50 coastal and environmental permits annually, including Environmental Resource, Coastal Construction, and other related specialty negotiations. Our extensive scientific…


The site investigations team includes engineers, hydrographers and surveyors with demonstrated expertise in oceanography, geology and environmental science, specializing in field operations at remote locations throughout the Caribbean and the Americas. Coastal Systems…


The civil engineers at Coastal Systems International, Inc. specialize in coastal/waterfront projects and have extensive experience in marina utilities and shore support. Coastal Systems prepares and processes site designs for services including paving, grading, stormwater…


Coastal Systems International, Inc. offers a wide range of specialized marine environmental services including qualitative and quantitative resource surveys, impact assessment and environmental management planning, mitigation assessment and design…


Attention to detail during construction ensures that projects are completed in accordance with plans and specifications. Effective construction administration and management help reduce maintenance/replacement costs over the service life of a coastal / waterfront…

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