About Us

Bimini Shipping is a trusted name in ocean shipping and logistics, conveniently headquartered in Miami, Florida minutes away from the Miami International Airport. Since our inception in 1997, we’ve been dedicated to facilitating seamless cargo handling, storage, and transportation services between South Florida and the family islands of the Bahamas and Caribbean. With our own cargo and container terminal strategically situated on the Miami River, alongside a fleet of three Roll-On, Roll-Off Vessels, we ensure reliable and efficient delivery solutions.

The ownership of Bimini Shipping bring a wealth of experience in construction and logistics across the Caribbean, comprehensively understanding the unique challenges of operations in island environments. This expertise propels our commitment to delivering unparalleled shipping and logistical support across every facet of our operations. At Bimini Shipping, we firmly believe in the mutually beneficial relationship with our customers – their success is our success.